Creator Codes

Below is a list of the custom designs that I have used on my islands. I will keep this updated as I find new designs that I want to share. If there is something I’ve shown before that you do not see on this list, please leave a comment and I’ll try to add it.

ScreenshotCreator CodeTypeCreatorSocial
MA 7426-4174-1277Path, Street, RoadCordlessVIIYouTube // Instagram // Twitch
MA 7426-4174-1277Brick, PathCordlessVIIYouTube // Instagram // Twitch
MA 8163-2800-5329Sidewalk, PathLise
MA 3426-7316-8545Train Tracks
MA 3660-1382-6731Townhome, Window
MA-7414-4688-6996Street, Road, PathOrigo_AliInstagram //  YouTube
MA-8198-3001-8421Brick, Path, SidewalkCordlessVIIYouTube // Instagram // Twitch
MA-5036-6375-5696Shop, SignMarilynInstagram
MA-0724-4523-5692Shop, SignMarilynInstagram
MA 7727-3976-9058Sand, PathColin
MA-9488-1972-2446Dirt, Path
MA 8617-7781-8905Stone, PathBraer
MA 8662-9960-1514SignAnouk
MA-7727-3976-9058Street, Road, PathColin.CrossingInstagram
MA-9488-1972-2446Dirt, Path
MA-5036-6375-5696Shop, SignMarilynInstagram
MA-8198-3001-8421Tile, StoneCordlessVIIYouTube // Instagram // Twitch

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